Procus is a 2095 science fiction television show created and broadcasted by CBN, Continuum Broadcasting Network. Procus follows the an alternate timeline where humanity left the Solar System for the Procus System in 2085. First airing in both Chinese and English on CBN 1 in July 2095, and the first season ended in October, a second season is planned for 2096. The show stars Kiriko Takimura, Hoban Alleine and Malcolm Washburne.


Procus begins at the end of the 200 year journey from 'Old Sol' to the Procus System, set mostly aboard the C.A.V Athena, the series follows the lives of the people of the fleet, mostly the President and the Commander of the Security Forces and the problems that they face as they come to the end of their voyage for the first three episodes. When the first ships land in the new system, on the planet christened 'Athenon' the construction and structuring of the new society and government, and the terraforming of the other planets in the system. For the rest of the first season the show is set on the planet Athenon and follows the construction of the new world and its society, and the problems that arise when the government is criticised for not having elections, and the possible uprising.


Season 1

Cast and Characters

Main Characters

  • Hoban Alleine - President of the Commonwealth of the fleet, and later the planets.
  • Kiriko Matamiko - Kiriko Takemura, Presidents aide.
  • Malcolm Washburne - Commander Jacobus, head of the security forces.
  • Harry Kim - Stephan Matirik, head of the planning and construction.
  • Sharon Valerii - Liutenant Adamis, aboard the C.A.V Athena

Minor Characters

Recurring Characters

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