Each Planet is divided into Provinces, which act as administrative divisions of each planet's regional government. They are governed by the Magistrate of the capital city of the Province, and must abide by the policies set by the Quorom and the Governor of the Planet. Each Province is governed by a Magistrate and a Council of Five, made up of reprenstatives from areas of the province. These divisions only apply to Luna, Mars and Venus, as Earth's cities are governed by a Magistrate and a Council directly. 

List of Provinces



  • Flachland Province - New Lancaster
  • Harajuku Province - Harajukubyu
  • Hong Province - Hongcheng
  • Hu'Biann Province - Hu'Biann
  • Krater Province - Daizhong
  • Londinium Province - Londinium
  • Ninjing Province - Ninjing
  • Nipore Province - New Dunsmere
  • Sarethi Province - Xinxiwang
  • Uzakta Province - Bernadette
  • Vostok Province - Vostok-On-Shadow
  • Yaoyuan Province - New Kasmir
  • Zuhause Province - Hosgelidiniz


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