The Quorom of Twelve is the legislative arm of the Commonwealth of Allied Planets government. The Quorom of Twelve is a representative assembly of the Representatives of the three planets of the Commonwealth, based on the planet Venus, the quorom convene in the city of Serenity in the Hall of Legislature. Formed in 2085 after the planetary governments were organised, the quorom replaced the Commonwealth Parliament as legistlative body of the Commonwealth. Each planet has three representatives, resulting in a total of Twelve members. 

The members of the Quorom are 'elected', and only official commonwealth citizens may vote for their planetary governors. Official Citizens constitute for the inhabitants of the major developed cites, excluding people living in the Martian Froniter, people supporting Independance movements or in remote locations. The representatives are elected every five years, The quorom set the 'continuum wide policies, while individual planetary governments are allowed to conduct their own affairs to some extent.

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