Ropeball is a popular fusion sport played throughout the Continuum. Ropeball was first played in 2047, as a fusion between basketball and football, also taking attributes from American Football. The sport is one of the most popular, with most cities and planets having their own Ropeball teams, major teams include the Mars Warriors, Venus Dolphins, Earth Buccaneers (E-Bucks) and the Luna Comets. The sport includes trying to pass a ball through a hanging hoop, it is a close contact game. The name is derived from the fact that originally played using a hoop suspended by a rope.


Ropeball is a close quarters ball game played on a square court, underneath a hoop suspended above the centre. The aim of the game is to score points by passing the ball through the hoop in the centre of the court. Ropeball is played team against team. Ropeball is played with a standard spheroid ball. 

Players cannot take more than three steps without bouncing the ball off of the ground, or passing to another team member. Full contact is allowed, including that of 'piggy-backing,' take downs and once a player has been taken down or tackled they must pass the ball. All games last for 90 minutes, and each team may have 4 players on at one given time,. due to the courts small size. 


  • Earth Buccaneers - hail from Earth. Also referred to as the E-Bucks. 
  • Londinium Lords - hail from Mars.
  • Luna Bulls - hail from Luna. Also referred to as the L-Bulls. 
  • Mars Warriors - hal from Mars. 
  • Serenity Psirens - hail from Venus.
  • Venus Dolphins - hail from Venus.

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