Shadow City is Ariel's lower slum, which in recent years has grown to include Ariel's former slums, Whitefall and Neon Circus. Shadow City is the worlds second largest slum, after Sinhon's Jianghuang. Shadow City gets its namesake because, like all slums, it is constantly in the shadow of the city above, plunging them into an 24 hour night.


Shadow City is represented by a single member in the Ariel City Council. Slum representatives generally have less power than upper city members. Shadow City's current representative is Hoban Washburne.



Shadow City has grown large enough in recent years to include former slum districts of Whitefall and Neon Circus, which are now represented in the now represented in the Ariel City Council by a single member from Shadow City. Neon Circus and Whitefall remain districts in the city.

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