The Sherpa Class Freight Shuttle is a smallsize cargo shuttle skyship manufactured by the Bellerophon Allied Skyship Corporation, in 2071. The Sherpa Class Shuttle can hold a single cargo container underneath the body of the aircraft. The shuttle is predominantly used for transport across cities. The Sherpa class is powered by two Capissen 10 engines. The sherpa class is favoured among the shorthaul couriers.


The Sherpa Class shuttle has a total length of 35m, and a total width of 18m. The ship is powered by two Capissen 10 powerplants, which rotate 240 degrees, for landing/takeoff and flight configuration. The Sherpa Class Shuttle is configuted for short range capacity, with a flight deck, complete with onbooard computer navigation and flight systems, with a single crew bunk, aswell as an extra storage area. The shuttle can be fitted with an optional longhaul cabin with an extra another crew bunk and WC.

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