The Shihon Class Cruiser, (Shihon meaning 'Capital' in Japanese) is an alliance military spacecraft, the craft is the flagship of the Commonwealth Naval Fleet, making even the largest freighters seem insignificant. The Shihon Class' are known for their superior firepower, that noone not even the hardiest of pirates or well-equipped smugglers would even attempt to take on or match. The Shihon Class is a joint project between the Yutanyi Spacecraft Corporation and the Harrow-Xeng Corporation. The cruisers often contain facilities such as lavish officers quarters where crew often brought their family along on long detachments. Despite being a cruiser the ship has two squadrons of fighter craft. 

The Shin Class Cruiser are often used for patrol, particularly in monitoring docking procedures in some high traffic areas. The cruisers have docking facilities for up to 10 large spacecraft at once, with state of the art onboard medical facilities and command facilities the cruisers can service any large cruiser in need of assistance or to command a fleet attack. The Shihon Class Cruises are manufactured in orbital dry docks among other large ships, namely the XXXX Shipyards orbiting Mars.


The Shihon-Class is a massive construct, dwarfing almost all other spacecraft in the 'continuum. The cruiser has an elongated triangular shape, with a collection of two towers at the rear, connected by the bridge in the centre of the two towers. The towers hold the main facilities of the cruiser, the accomodation, the bridge, the CIC, the officers club, the hydroponic gardens and other facilities. Along the elongated triangular body are the main engineering sections, aswell as additional accomodation and training facilities. The main docking areas are located either side of the main body, aswell as its fighter squadrons. 


There are only four Shihon-Class Cruisers currently in service, due to their enormity and construction time of over 2 years. Each are designated, APV, Allied Planets Vessel.

  • APV Avalon
  • APV Columbia
  • APV Qing Shi Huang
  • APV Pheonix

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