Jiangyin flag.png
Constructed 2039
City Seat Xiupeking
 • Body Commonwealth of Allied Planets
 • Magistrate Zhao Run Chu
 • Total 189,989.87 km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error sq mi)
Sinhon (新村- Chinese/Mandarin) is a city on Earth, in the former China Sea, it is the second largest city on Earth, after Ariel, covering an area of 189,989.87 km2, just over half the size of Ariel. Sinhon is a predominantly Asian dominated city, blending classic oriental architecture with modern styles however many of which have devolved into disrepair end buildings plastered with electrical wires and flashing signs. The city is a major hub for trade and is located near to the Persephone Bazaar. Sinhon, is made up of three levels of streets, and has two slums however much of city has now devolved into a giant glorified slum.  Sinhon is known for its bustling streets, and its many advertising screens and boards, and is often known as the Neon City, due to its buildings plastered with flashing billboards and rusting metal signs with interference in their flashes.


Sinhon's magistrate is currently Zhao Run Chu, who is head of the Sinhon Council, (市议会), which is made up of 5 Representatives, one for each city level, and then two representing the slum districts of Jianghuang and Pinminku.


Sinhon is predominantly Asian dominated, with approximately 53% being of Chinese decent, 42% Other Asian (Japanese, Korean, Malay) and 5% other (European, American, African etc). Chinese and Japanese are the most widely spoken languages in Sinhon, with other major langauges being Korean, Malay, Tamil, Vietnamese and others.


East Sinhon

  • Hongtaiyang
  • Lantau
  • Lao Shichang
  • Tai Cheng
  • Xia Sinhon
  • Xichengqu
  • Xiu Schichang

Central Sinhon

  • Dragon's Den
  • Jing Sen
  • Lantaiyang
  • Kai Niu
  • Simiao
  • Youzhao
  • Xiu Shenzhen
  • Zhongyang

Western Sinhon

  • Haungtaiyang
  • Kuaigan
  • Sang Sinhon
  • Xiu Peking

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