In 2071, Television is available in two ways, through undersea Cables, and Worldnet accessable televisions. Government-run Media company, World Today has the monopoly on television broadcasting, with five channels, including one 24 hour government-vetted news channel.

Cable Television

Cable Television is the most common form of television broadcasting in 2071, as it is much cheaper, so many more people can afford it compared to WorldNet Link TV. Television programs are distributed to subscribers by digital light pulses transferred through undersea fiber optic cables between cities.

WorldNet Television

The WorldNet Link TV System uses the worldnet recievers located throughout the world to transfer teleivsion broadcast signals to a television fitted with a dedicated reciever. WorldNet Link TV is also available through dedicated broadband systems, and is connected via the localised wireless network. WorldNet acessable televisions can also be used to access the WorldNet, and visit websites, aswell as access the VidCall network.

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