Video Visors, styalised as VIDVisors are a personal display device used for immersive augmented reality. The Visors contain screens for each eye, which allows the user to watch videos, television, films, and listen to music. The products are predominantly manufactured by Veiio-Tech. The visors are operated by eye movements of the user through small cameras in the visor.

Video Setting

The Video Eyeware setting of the VIDVisors can be used when at home, or on a journey. The setting allows the user to watch television, (if connected via bluetooth) and listen to music all through the two video screens and the earphones provided.

Augmented Reality Setting

The Augmented Reality Setting makes the classes transparant, which can be used for such things as mapping, where the screens display reality, however with a map overlay which can direct the user to a destination. The setting can be used for many other applications.

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