The Warehouse Class Freighter was a container cargo skyship designed and manufactured by the Bellerophon Allied Skyship Corporation in 2071. The Warehouse Class was a bulk container freighter, resembling a conventional container ship, predominantly used by large courier and freighter companies, and large corporations. The Warehouse Class was first commissioned in 2067, as the Warehouse Class Series 1, followed by the larger Seires 2 in 2070.

Series 1


The Series 1 was launched in 2067, and quickly became the predominant feeder freighter skyship in operation. The Series 1 was powered by four Capissen 21 fusion engines, which rotate 240 degrees. The Series 1 was approximately 159 metres in length, and 49 metres in width, with a carrying capacity of approximately 500 TEU.

The Series 1 Warehouse Class is layed out as a convential container ship, with a long body, with the four Capissen 21 engines on either side, with container storage on top of the deck, which is severly locked down to prevent movement during flight. The flight deck is located at the rear of the ship, equipped with long haul crew bunks, and a bathroom, aswell as extra storage.

Series 2


The Series 2 was launched in 2070, it was larger, had a larger carrying capacity and has longer range than the series 1. The Series 2 was equipped with four Capissen 38 Fusion powerplants, on either side of the body. The Series 2 had a total length of 203 metres, and a width of 54 metres. It can carry a total of approximately 1,000 TEU, and was favoured by long haul bulk operators, particularly shipping between the Orient and the West.

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