World Today, (当今世界 - Danjin Shijie) is a government-run media giant, that has the monpoly on teleivsion and other media. World Today broadcasts government-vetted news, entertainment programs, including comedies, anime and manga cartoons such as Ritorubinzu, dramas, documentaries and music shows, and also advertisements, five 24 hour channels and 3 radio channels. World Today broadcasts direct through cable television and through WorldNet TV and through its WorldNet Site, to public internet kiosk and private broadbands systems. World Today broadcasts can be recieved throughout the 'Continuum.



  • WTV1 - World Today News 24 (in Chinese, English, Japanese and Arabic)
  • WTV2 - World Today 1
  • WTV3 - World Today 2
  • WTV4 - World Today 3
  • WTV5 - World Today Music


  • WTR1 - World Today News 24
  • WTR2 - World Today Radio 1
  • WTR3 - World Today Radio 2

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