The YA18 Hover-Horse is a land-speeder first manufactured by the Yutanyi Corporation in 2079, following the colonisation of the planets of Mars and Venus. The YA18 is a small open-cabin and can carry four passengers plus cargo. The speeder has a small cran lift on the rear of the vehicle, that can assist loading of cargo. The YA18 is fitted with two high-powered Gravitoelectric generators at the rear end of the vehicle, aswell as high-powered air compressors at the front and centre, to make the vehicle fully stable for its use in harsh environments. 

The YA18 Hover-Horse is mostly used on the planet Mars for travel to and between undeveloped areas, such as the froniter town of Bernadette, and are rarely seen in more urbanised areas. However sone YA18's have found uses in some factories and skyports for transportation of passengers and cargo. The vehicles sister, the YA19 Hover-Mule is a larger transport hover-truck resembling a stagecoach, mostly used for transportation of cargo, and passengers in its passenger variant. 

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