The Yulux 10 Liner is a civilian Luxury-Liner Class craft manufactured by the Yutanyi Corporation. The Yulux 10 is a luxury passenger liner predominantly used by private spaceline corporations such as Rising Sun and Pan-Continuum.The Yulux 10 is a large craft, capable of carrying over 300 passengers, shaped somewhat like an airship with the engines located at the rear of the fuselage. First flown in 2095, the liner is capable of both atmospheric and spaceflight, and is the only few craft capable of spaceflight than the Ark Ships first used for colonisation, of which many are now being relieved of service due to their ageing technology, however some have been fitted with Nuclear Pulse propulsion and are operational.


The Yulux 10 Liner has a long main body, with bi-wings loocated at the rear of the craft, along with its engines. The Yulux 10 is fitted with newtech Nuclear Pulse propulsion engines for used in space, and high-powered jet engines in use for atmospheric flight, and thus is used for both space and atmoshperic transport.

The craft operates VTOL flight and is fitted with high-powered jet engines on the underbody, and is capable of landing in both ArkPorts and Skyports.

The Yulux 10 can carry over 300 passengers on its two decks, and has facilites for a 1 month spaceflight, which is more than capable of oprating between Earth Mars and Venus.


  • 'Yulux' stands for Yutanyi Luxury.

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