The Yutanyi Spacecraft Corporation, formerly the Yutanyi Skyship Corporation, is a subsdiary of the Yutanyi Corporation, formed in 2039, as the Yutanyi Aerospace Corporation, it spearheaded the development of skyships, but lost out on exclusivity, however it still retained the major market share of the global skyship industry. Since its formation it has produced a number of skyship models, and has gained a defence contract with the Commonwealth Navy, to produce the Jupiter Class and the Kongqi Class, aswell as the navy's flagship class, the Qijan Class. The company also produces civilian transport vessels, such as the Civilian Jupiter Class, and the Ryoko Class.

Since the phasing out of Skyships, the YSC has changed its focus to spacecraft, however retaining is contract with the Commonwealth Navy sharing it with the Harrow-Xeng Corporation. Since its turn to spacecraft, the YSC has produced a number of popular frieght and transport craft including the Yulux 10 Liner and the Sherpa Bulk Freighter spacecraft which has been criticised due to its similarity to the Sherpa-Class Light Freighter produced by the Bellerophon Allied Skyship Corporation in 2049.

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