Commonwealth of Parnithia

Motto: 'Unified Parnithia'
Settler's Guide to Parnithia
Capital Shang-Jin (De Facto)
Official languages Traditional Chinese, English
Other Langauges Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Malay, Hebrew
Demonym Parnithian
Government Parliamentary Republic Corporatocracy
• President
Nathaniel Jang
• Prime Minister
Eric Harrow
Legislature Council of Parnithia
Establishment 2155
• 2200 estimate
1.5 Billion
Currency New Credit
The Commonwealth of Parnithia, also referred to as the Commonwealth, jokingly the Corporatocracy or the Yutanyi Commonwealth, or 聯邦帕提亞 (Pinyin: Liánbāng pà tí yà) is the unified governing body of the planet Parnithia, the planet chosen to restart human civilisation after the failure of colonisation efforts in the Solar System. The Commonwealth is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic nation covering the entirity of the planet of Parnthia. A Parliamentary Republic Corporatocracy almost entirely run by the Yutanyi Corporation, the world's largest company, the government's officials are almsot always former Yutanyi employees. The corporation administrates the running of colony on behalf of the government, allowing the corporation to have a monopoly over the planet and it's inhabitants, forcing a black market to thrive.

Most folks don't question this government, as many believe its only a temporary administration whilst the colony gets on its feet, however whether that's true, only time will tell. 


Global Commonwealth (20XX - 2155)

Exodus of Earth

Colonisation of Parnithia

Commonwealth of Parnithia (2155 - Current)



Armed Forces