' All those flashy lights, it's like the old world all over again '

—  De Facto Capital  —
Settler's Guide to Parnithia.png
Founded 2162
De Facto Capital 2170
Named for Bounty in Chinese
Shang-Jin is the capital of the planet Parnithia, and is the only well-established developed settlement on the planet, which is still in the early stages of colonisation and is the centre of culture, politics, industry and pretty much everything. Shang-Jin meaning 'Bounty' in Chinese, is the de facto capital of the Commonwealth of Parnithia following it's foundation in 2162, and was hastily built in under 40 years. Nearby to the spaceport shanty town of Aigsburth Port, Shang-Jin is an enclave of what some call 'civilised life' however others, namely hardened settlers would call it 'hell', too many flashy lights nad noises. Shang-Jin is an ad-hoc quagmire of neon-lights, markets, and people, a world away from the peaceful homesteader towns of the rest of the planet. 


Shang-Jin is located no more than 2 day's travel from Aigsburth Port, and is south of the Shang-Jin Salt Lake, located near the shore of the Longzhi Channel, separating the Haven Landmass from Longzhi. Shang-Jin itself is not a particularly large city, however it is surrounded by a ring of Yutanyi's Factories, which often cause a haze in sky above the city. The city is surrounded by flat land giving it masses of room to expand, one of the reasons the current location was chosen for the foundation of the city.


Founded in 2162 by settlers exploring the region after leaving the then de facto capital Aigsburth Port, it was orginally founded as a homestead, for supplying Aigsburth. However following the arrival of the bulk of settlers from Earth, including the Yutanyi Corporation, the settlement had an influx of settlers leaving the cramped conditions of Aigsburth.

Once the government was officially formed, with Yutanyi fimrly in power, it had it's eyes set on the development of the area, due to the flat and fertile land surrounding it. Yutanyi designed the greater city with Commerce in mind, however these plans are pretty much non-existent today, with the 'ad-hoc' nature of the buildings later on. Yutanyi set its eyes on the outer regions of the city surrounding it with its factories, where the corporation produces anything from cups, to armaments, becoming the largest employer of the city, and in fact the planet.


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