Emblem of the Four Colonies

The Four Colonies of Procus is the governing body of the Procus System and humanity in 2380. The Four Colonies has its roots in the formation of the Global Commonwealth for Disaster Management on Earth in 2040. The Four Colonies was officially founded in 2310, from the remnants of the Global Commonwealth following the 200 year journey from Earth to the Procus System after the mass exodus. The new governmnet was originally formed as an oppresive body, however following the Civil War in 2356 a new democratic government was installed, which became known as the Democratic Era. Since the development of the colonies, humanity has endured massive technological advancements, however many traditional cultural traditions still stick, and society has become ordered again following the exodus. Three other planets resisted Four Colonies control, and instead formed the Union of Independant Planets, which is a union of autonomous planets, however the Four Colonies is the major power within the system.

The emblem of the Four Colonies is almost exactly identical to the coat of arms of Caprica, a nation existing on Earth other 220 years ago.

The Four Colonies

The Four Colonies gains its namesake from the five planets that formed the Four Colonies Alliance, in the Procus System following the mass exodus of the 'Old Sol' System. The Procus System consists of three protostars orbiting a G-Type Main Sequence star, with five colonised planets, all named after the greek mythological figures, except the fifth planet which resisted Four Colonies control. The planets are as follows in orbital order;


  • Chinese: 爱马仕 (Aimashi)
  • Capital: Hermeron City
  • Major Cities: New Ariel, Haizhen
  • Interest: Mount Arrilon, Hermeron City


  • Chinese: 雅典 (Yadian)
  • Capital: Athenon City
  • Major Cities: Osiris, Gemenon
  • Interest: Capital of the Five Colonies, University of Serra, First Landing Point


  • Chinese: 赫拉 (He La)
  • Capital: New Sinhon
  • Major Cities: Yuzhen, Adelphi City


  • Chinese: 战神 (Zhanshen)
  • Capital: Capricaron
  • Major Cities: Highgate


Government of the Four Colonies

Quorom of Eight

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