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The Union of Independent Planets (独立的行星联盟 Dúlì de xíngxīng liánméng) or the Independent Planets is a unified face of fully autonomous planets that resisted Allied Colonies control following terraforming. Formed in 2334 as a counter to the formation of the Allied Colonies, by independent worlds pooling resources, however this did not work well as some worlds had less resources to give. The Independent Planet's have a unified defence force to protect the members from the menace of the Allied Colonies. However lately tensions between the two super-states have risen, with the threat of war, and the out-financed and out-manned Independent Planets would surely be conquered by the Allied Colonies.



While leaders among the border and rim worlds expressed concern over the formation of Union of Allied Colonies, most folk did'nt much care, thinking it would'nt affect them, many more concerned about the problems an undeveloped world brings, such as food shortages and low medical supplies. But it was't until the Allied Colonies began to expand by taking control of the border worlds, that many people on the outer worlds began to wake up and came together to create a unified resistance and counter to the Allied Colonies.But the Allied Colonies stood its ground, and did not expand anymore, and the independent worlds still stand strong unified. 

However recently the Allied Colonies has given the impression that they wish to expand, and once again the Independent Planets will resist their control to the extent of their power, however outgunned, outmanned and outfinanced they may be, if war comes. 


Member Worlds

  • Astraeus (Gas Giant)
    • Pelorum
    • Jiaqi
  • Qiangda (Gas Giant)
    • Miranda
    • Vittore
  • Georgia
    • Virginia
    • Dyson
  • Greenleaf
    • Jiangyin
    • Perth
    • Lian Junn
    • Silverhold
  • Sen Linn
    • Avalon
    • Wyvern
    • Lynx
  • Summerlin
    • Palm
  • Victoria - Capital of the Union's Organisation
    • Shanxi
    • Meadow
    • Albion
  • Winterfall 

World Governments

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