Sino-Anglo Alliance
Motto: 'Freedom and Integrity'
Capital New Jiangyin, Shihon
Official languages Simplified Chinese, English, Arabic
Government Presidential Republic
• President
Hayao Senjakay
• Vice President
Inara Lancaster
Legislature Sino-Anglo Parliament
Currency Federated Credit (CRD)
 The Sino-Anglo Alliance is one of three successors to the Global Commonwealth following the Great Journey from Earth. Consisting of 8 planets, the Union has not taken a side between the Union of Allied Planets and the Confederation of Allied Planets following the Great Territorial War, and has been under numerous attempts by both sides to coerse the nation into picking a side. 

Formed out of the remainder of the Global Commonwealth after the other two groups broke apart, the nation has always been deemed the 'stick in the mud' by the two rivals due to its stubborness to not side with either nation on the matter. 



Member Planets

Most of the SAU's planetary territories fall in the Mingyao System, while some territories exist in other systems, such as Delphine and Aphrodite in the Haven System

Haven System

Mingyao System