The Sultanate of Djinn (سلطنة الجن - Arabic, Djinn Sultanlığı - Turkish, 苏丹国巨灵 Sūdān guó jù líng - Standard Chinese) or mostly referred to as the Sultante, and sometimes known as the 'New Osmanli' is the governing body of the moons of gas giant Djinn's Bane who resisted Commonwealth control followin terraforming. The moons were settled mostly by people of Arabic of Islamic descent, and the Sultanate was formed encompassing the moons of Alexandria , Anubis , Damietta and Khepri . The main languages that are spoken in the sultante are Arabic and Turkish, however Standard Chinese and English have become the language of international relations. 

The Sultante is ruled by a Sultan who has the highest position in the system, who is the head of state and government, aswell the commander in chief of the Sultante's meager defence forces. Each moon is represented by a Governor, or a Beylerbey in the Council of States in the sultante's capital city of Topkapi on Alexandria. The Sultante has a small industry of manufacturing and agriculture, with the exporting of manufactured goods, agricultural produce and natural resources as its main source in income, it also has a small tourist industry. 





Defence Forces 

Inter-Planetary Relations

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