The Continuum (often written as; 'Continuum) is a collective term referring to the region of space currently known as inhabited by humanity. Limited to the collection of 8 Star Systems colonised after the Exodus of Earth, and the Old Sol System. 


Most system's colonised by humans have been given colloquial names for easier recognition, such as the Gliese 581 System is known as the 'Central System' or the Gliese 667 System is known as the 'Mingyao System.' Whilst some systems, such as the Juizhou System is called solely after it's name. Such naming has also been used in planets, such as the planet Gliese 581 g, would be known as Shenzhou. 

Sino Names are also used, with the four central systems being named after the old-world Chinese Five Constellations, based on the colour of each star, for instance the Blue Star, Juizhou, would be known as 'Qing Long' meaning 'Blue Dragon' and the Red Dwarf star Gliese 581, would be known as 'Zhu Que' meaning 'Vermilion Bird.' 


Central Systems

Not neccesarily in the centre of the Continuum, the Central Systems are generally named more for their centralised position in both politics and culture, aswell as infrastructure and the economy. 

Gliese 581 System (Central System)

The Gliese 581 System, the Central System or Zhu Que (Vermilion Bird) is the centre of the Continuum by all reckoning, with the planet Shenzhou being the centre of politics and culture in the entire continuum.

  • Gliese 581 e
  • Gliese 581 b
  • Gliese 581 c
  • Shenzou (Gliese 581 g)
  • Persephone (Gliese 581 d)
  • Gliese 581 f

Juizhou System

The Juizhou System or Qing Long (Blue Dragon), meaning 'Nine Domains' in Chinese, is a nine planetary system with two habitable planets. 

  • Juizhou A
  • Daizhou (Juizhou B)
  • Sanzhou (Juizhou C)
  • Juizhou D
  • Juizhou E
  • Juizhou F
  • Juizhou G
  • Juizhou H

Gliese 667 System (Mingyao System)

Gliese 667 System, the Mingyao System, or Xuan Wu (Black Tortoise) is a triple star system, with two orbits, one of which is inhabitable. 

Pheonix System

The Phoenix System or Bai Hu 'White Tiger', is one of the most developed systems, containing thre habitable plaents. 

Colony Systems

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