In the event in the death of the Emperor of the Empire of Mexico, or cannot continue his duty as Emperor, there is an line of succession for temporary Imperial rule.

Ranks for Succession

  • Emperor of the Third Mexican Empire
  • Secretary of Interior
  • Supreme Court President
  • Secretariat of Communications and Transportation
  • Secretariat of National Defense
  • Secretariat of Education
  • Secretariat of Health and Human Services
  • General of the Army
  • Admiral of the Navy
  • General of the Air Force
  • Governor of Mexico City


In the event that the following are killed by an single or multiple events, then the governors from each states should elect the new cabinent, and the successor to the Emperor will take control of the government. In the event of total destruction of the Imperial Family, state, or government officials, the highest-ranking officer alive will take control of the government, and establish an military junta until a new Imperial bloodline can be found.

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