Sulangu is the largest continent in the Keltian Kingdom, with a population of over 200 million across its entire mass, by far the largest in the region. The climate is mostly moderate, except in the far north which is largely tundra. The continent is the centre of most of the trade of the region and exports a great deal, particularly to Hanu. The majority of the people that live there reside in rural environments and the top industries are mining and farming.


Although forests used to cover the majority of the continent, many of these were cut down to provide space for farming and housing, although forests still occupy around 40% of the land. The north region of the continent is entirely tundra and often reaches temperatures as far as -50 degrees Celcius, and in consequence is largely uninhabited beyond the mountainous Tusketut region, the temperature of which rarely plunges colder than -20. On the far north-east coast, there are two islands, Loray and Enthia, which both have small populations, and a huge bay with an expanse of many hundreds of miles. The continent is much flatter further south, with some hill regions but few mountains. These regions are much more heavily populated and the southernmost tip can reach temperatures of up to 30 degrees.


There are five large countries, Aradech (the largest, on the east), Tonash (north-west), Yertur (centre-north), Cersul (south west) and Ranali , on the far south. The densest populations are in the more southern and western areas, with the exception of the cities of Deroth and Thravescer, which are the centres of trade across the continent. The city of Rothale controls the majority of trade to the western continents and Soet, on the south coast, controls trade to the Tesecan Isles.

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