Map of Sulzak

Sulzak (Sakåår: Fuugyr) is a colony of Aratkom. It is a small, volcanic island. There are two languages spoken there, the first one being Aratkoma, the colonists' language, and the other one being Sakåår, the island's indigenous people's language. Its capital is Šéçizona.


The island was originally inhabited by the Sakåår. Around 1350, the Aratkoma set up a trading post on the island. At the time the Aratkoma only controlled the trading post itself, but when the modern Republic of Aratkom was estblished, the whole island became a colony.


Sulzak is a volcanic island. The central parts are mainly bare rocks, while the rest of the island is covered with a forest. On the top of the volcano there is a crater lake, and from there there is a river flowing to the south.


The senate of Sulzak has an equal number of Sakåår and Aratkoma representants, and similarly Sulzak has both a Sakåår and an Aratkoma leader. The current leaders are Nguullyk Ca'åpa (Sakåår) and Ñlaca Hégrêš (Aratkoma).

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