Supreme Commander of the Hurian Federation
Kamanda Mkuu ya Hurian Shrikisho
Maurice Williams.png
Maurice Williams

since 5 May 1997
Style The Honorable (Formal)
Commander (Formal)
Sir (Informal)
Residence Ushujaa State House
Defiance, Dharau
Appointer Selected by Hurian War Council, approved by the Williams family
Term length Life tenure
Inaugural holder Othello Williams
Formation 11 May 1891
Succession War Minister of the Hurian Federation
Salary ₣250,000 annually

The Supreme Commander of the Hurian Federation (Swahili: Kamanda Mkuu ya Hurian Shrikisho) is head of state and head of government of the Hurian Federation. The Supreme Commander is also leads the executive branch of the government of Huria, and is the Commander-in-Chief of the Hurian Armed Forces. According to the Charter of the Hurian Federation, the Supreme Commander has complete control of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Hurian government, and is tasked with appointing federal executive, diplomatic, regulatory, and judicial officers, and concluding treaties with foreign powers, free of any internal checks or balances.

Since its creation in 1891, the title of Supreme Commander has always been a powerful and abosolute position of government, overriding all other positions. The Supreme Commander may grant pardons, order executions, call on the War Council and Advisory Council at his leisure, and dismiss members of the government at a whim. The Supreme Commander is often described as one of the most powerful person in the world, side-by-side with the President of the United States.

The Supreme Commander has traditionally come from the Williams family, all four known Supreme Commanders having been a member of that family since 1891. The Supreme Commander is chosen from the eldest child of the sitting leader, and placed in the office of War Minister until the current Supreme Commander either resigns or dies. The position itself is held for life, and only a Hurian can hold the position at any given time. There have four Supreme Commanders since May 11, 1891. In May 5, 1997, Maurice Williams became the fourth Supreme Commander of Huria.


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