Supreme Court of Washingtonia
Logo of the Supreme Court of Washingtonia
Established 22 September 1913
Jurisdiction Kingdom of Washingtonia
Location Supreme Court Building, Foundersville
Composition method Executive nomination, legislative confirmation
Authorized by Constitution of Washingtonia
Number of positions Three Judges, including the President
Currently Derrick Hirschowitz
Since 18 October 2001
The Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Washingtonia is the highest court of appeal in the country in cases which do not involve cases dealing directly with the Constitution of 1913. It is one of the two courts established by the Constitution, the other being the Constitutional Court (which is the highest court of appeal for constitutional cases), and is distinguished along with that court from the "normal" or "ordinary" courts, which are established by Acts of the Assembly.

The Supreme Court Bench consists of three Judges of which one is the President of the Supreme Court. Derrick Hirschowitz PSC currently occupies that position. All three Judges are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Grand Assembly. The Supreme Court is located in the Supreme Court Building in Downtown Foundersville.

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List of current Judges

List of former Presidents

Supreme Court Building

Foundersville Supreme Court Building

The Supreme Court Building.

The building which used to house the Constitutional Court until 2003 now houses the Supreme Court and is known as the Supreme Court Building. Before 2003, the Supreme Court was housed in the East Wing of Government House, the executive government's headquarters.

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