Supreme Court of the Hurian Federation
Mahakama Kuu ya Hurian Shirikisho
Seal of the Mahakama
Seal of the Mahakama
Established 11 May 1891
Jurisdiction Hurian Federation
Location Defiance
Authorized by Hurian Constitution
Judge term length Life tenure
Number of positions Five arbitrators
Justice, In Haki We Trust
Procurator of Justice
Currently Valentin Andrieux
Since 17 August 2001

The Supreme Court of the Hurian Federation, better known as the Mahakama, is the highest court within the Hurian Federation. It has ultimate juristication across all of the courts in Huria, and the only other force aside from the Hurian War Council that can activity pass a law without the express consent of the Surpeme Commander. The Mahakama is based out of the capital city of the Defiance, and consists of five arbitrators headed by the Procurator of Justice, the office currently held by Valentin Andrieux.







Institutional powers and constraints


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