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The Right Honourable Syed
Abdullah Yaakob
سيد عبدالله يعقوب
Versent rai sharma.jpg
Yaakob in 2014
8nd First Minister of Tanjung
Assumed office
27th August 2014
Preceded by Jhou Yanling
Chairperson of the People's Democratic Party
Assumed office
27th December 2012
Preceded by Min Thaung
Governor of Kuala Lumpur
In office
8th June 2004 – 27th December 2012
Preceded by Pe Tin
Succeeded by Najib Mathair
Personal details
Born 18th October 1957 (58)
Flag of Rajia Kuala Lumpur, Tanjung
Political party RNP People's Democratic Party
Spouse(s) Sharifah Yaakob
Children 3
Alma mater University of Malaya
University of Oxford
Profession Politician
Religion Sunni Islam

Syed Abdullah Yaakob (阿卜杜拉·亚各布; سيد عبدالله يعقوب) is a Tanjungese politician who serves as the current First Minister of Tanjung as well as the Chairperson of the People's Democratic Party. He previously served as the Governor for Kuala Lumpur from 2004-2012, before succeeding PDR Chairman Muhammad Ratzjik as in 2012 at the party's congress.

Born in a peasant family, Yaakob first got involved in politics at the founding of the PDR in 1986 being elected as a member of the Kula Lumpa municipal government. He served within the PDR dominated Kuala Lumpur government in the late 1990's as Minister of Finance and of Social Services before becoming Governor of Kuala Lumpur in 2004, being re-elected to the post in 2008. Under Yaakob, there was greater investment in infrastructure and education within the Kuala Lumpur. Nyan became popular for pursuing tough-on-crime policies, although critics maintained that he used the police to silence his internal critics. In 2012 PDR leader Muhammed Ratzjik resigned due to ill health with Yaakob elected as his replacement by an overwhelming majority of the PDR's membership. Yaakob stepped down as Governor entering parliament in a 2012 byelection.

In 2014 Yaakob led the PDR-led coalition to a surprising victory over the then-governing Tanjungese National Party going from a third party to a majority in parliament and forming the first PDR government ever, with Yaakobas First Minister. As First Minister Yaakob has primarily focussed on liberalising the economy through privatisation, alleviating poverty, overseeing economic stimulus and implementing his tough on crime policies. Yaakob has also strengthened anti-terrorism legislation, pursued electoral reform and spearheaded a more assertive foreign policy being seen as a China hawk in regards to the South China Sea dispute. Yaakob has been criticised for overseeing corruption and undermining of democratic institutions.

Early life

Governor of Kuala Lumpar

Election as First Minister

Domestic Policy

Foreign policy

Political views

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