Symbites are a sapient species in the Holly Grovian galaxy. They hail from the planet Simbiosis, and look identical to humans. A notable weapon they have is their sonic scream. However, other Symbites, and feline sapiens are immune to this. Symbites can have children with humans. Their children would only have a sonic scream if their father was a Symbite, and mother was a human, however they would be immune either way.


Symbites have anatomy similar to humans. However they have a few extra organs. They have a rather peculiar organ lodged at the back of the brain. It is called the Fleerot. It's use is unknown. Another organ is the box shaped Skregoppin. It is small. However, it is powerful enough to produce the sonic scream. Symbite blood is green. Due to the similarity in Symbite and human DNA, Symbites can reproduce with a human. Symbites usually prefer not to do this however.


Scientific evidence suggests that Symbites evolved from the Saiddk, a feline. However, they insist it was the Joplox they evolved from.

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