Flag of Newfoundland

The Flag of Newfoundland depicts the national symbol of Newfoundland, which is also depicted on the Shield of Newfoundfland. On the Flag, the symbol represents Newfoundland's past, with the two arrows representing hope for a brighter future. However they also represent swords, so the sacrifices during the Revolutionary War will never be forgotten. The Flag of Newfoundland can be hung either way, as it produces the same image, this represents the versatility of the Newfoundlander people. The Flag has a proportion of 1:2.

Shield of Newfoundland

The Shield of Newfoundland, depicts the symbol on the flag, however in a vertical position. On the Shield, the symbol represents the past and ancestry of Newfoundland, resembling a Wyvern, the national symbol of Wessex, of which Newfoundland was formerly a colony of. The two arrows represent swords, so that the sacrifices made during the Revolutionary War will never be forgotten. The Gold and dark shade of Red mimic the colours of the Wessen symbols. 

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