Symeirrie is a planet located within the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Home to the Sypex race, a humanoid species, it was the capital planet of the former Syne Empire before the war with the Union of Confederated Planets. The planet has reborn to the center of the Syne Region of th UCP, and retains its position as the most technological planet in the Galaxy. Symeirrie has a blossoming population of 13 Billion, most collectively being Sypex.


Symeirrie was expected to be formed around the same time as the Sun in the center of its system. It's is believed that comets showered onto the planet, eventually creating enough water on the surface making large pockets of water vapor. The water vapor soon condensed, cooling the planet, and forming an atmosphere of several gasses, and keeping further comets from smashing into the planet. The first organisms developed millions of years after the great rains, small plankton like cells spread far throughout the planet, developing further and larger as time passed on.

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