Syretian League
Stetsola ve Seyreza
Motto: United in faith
Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 6
and largest city
Official languages Glauwra
• President
Jon Vargas
• Treaty of Marseille
1 January 1973
The Syretian League (Glauwra: Stetsola ve Seyreza) is a union between six nations in South West Europe. It was founded in 1973, then with just 3 countries, with the purpose of "increasing unity and peace between the nations of Mestyrianism".

It is made up of:

  • The French Republic (founder, original member)
  • The Federal Republic of Lenser (original member)
  • Leove (original member)
  • Jeonna (as of 1978)
  • The Kingdom of Ferasilopol (as of 1999)
  • Dierra (as of 1999)

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