Systems Alliance
Systems Alliance Systems Alliance
Flag Emblem
Capital N/A
Largest city N/A
Official language English
Ethinic groups
Demonym Human

- President
- Vice President
- Chief Justice
Unitary parliamentary republic
Ashley Stevens
Stephan Saenger
Samuel Ibrahimov
Legislature Parliament
- Charter of the Systems Alliance
- 2012 estimate
- 2011 census

Alliance credit (A₢) (AC)
Date formats mm-dd-yyyy (CE)
Drive on the right
Internet TLD .sa
Calling code +1
The Systems Alliance, commonly referred to as the Alliance, is a sovereign state located in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Alliance is composed of ninety-five planetary systems, seven star systems, and one space station. The population of the Systems Alliance is approximately over 21.6 billion people and synthetic individuals. The capital of the Alliance is Orion Station, while the largest city is Tokyo on Earth.

The Alliance is an unitary parliamentary republic with an unicameral parliament as its legislature and a prime minister as its head of state and government.

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