TEG-78 Flamegun

TEG-78 Flamegun

The TEG-78 Flamegun is a thermal energy weapon designed and developed by Mkazo Industries for use by the military forces of the Hurian Federation. It's name means "Thermal Energy Gun-1978", 1978 being the date of conception and development. It is used widely within Huria, and currently the only weapon of its size in active use anywhere on the globe. Because of its power and ability to increase the destructive power of a single soldier, this weapon is preferred by the Hurian genocidaires, namely, the Mauaji.


The TEG-78 is a heat-based weapon that produces an intense, energetic beam of heat energy in the tens of thousands of degrees centigrade, so hot that its users must were breathing masks to get oxygen, as the weapon burns the air around them through sub-atomic agitation of the air. The weapon produces pure heat energy that can vaporize most soldiers, and reduce most vehicles to molten slag. Because of its power, the TEG-78 is typically used for tank-hunting or razing towns and cities. By far the most useful property of this weapon is that it makes little noise when firing, making it extremely popular for infiltration missions that call for heavy firepower. Despite its amazing abilities, the weapon has a short range, effective only up to a couple hundred meters. However, the fact that it is compact, light for size, and easy to use, negates the effects of the weapon. The weapon is fuelled by a highly pressurized propaine gases with a two part injection system, which forces the gases into a molecular state before firing.


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