The Tailor Purchase was the acquistion of northern Baja California by the Southwest Republic from Mexico. The territory acquired from Mexico extends north from the 30th parallel north to the international border and then east to the Colorado River. The Senate approved the purchase on April 8, 2013 and was signed by President Ahiga Johnson on April 10th. Ambassador Kemp Tailor and Ambassador Paulino Campo of Mexico formalized the purchase on the 12th of April. The amount in which the territory was purchased is classified, but the government of the Southwest Republic has assured other countries and international organizations that Mexico was compensated appropriately. 


Southwest ownership

Transfer ceremony

Upon orders from the Presidents of Mexico and the Southwest Republic, Municipal President Carlos Bustamante Anchondo of Tijuana and Mayor Bob Filner of San Diego met each other on opposite sides of the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

The ceremony began with a speech by Municipal President Carlos Bustamante Anchondo, who described the transfer as a new era of peace, growth, and reconstruction for Tijuana; his speech was followed by the lowering of the Mexican flag from the port of entry, folded respectfully, and handed over to Anchondo by John A. Toolan, commander of the I Marine Expeditionary Force based out of Camp Pendleton, Southern California. The next official to deliver a speech was Mayor Bob Filner, who announce the reconsolidation of the purchased area into Tijuana and Mexcali counties, the desigination of the San Ysidro Port of Entry as an national monument and announcing a program to modernize Tijuana to the standards of San Diego or Los Angeles.

Following the speeches of the two officials, General John A. Toolan announced the deployment of the I Marine Expeditionary Force into Tijuana and Mexicali to help eradicate the drug cartels that reside within the cities, rebuild the infrastructure, and becoming an acting police force until the Tijuana and Mexicali Sheriff's Departments, as well as Southern California Highway Patrol can establish an presence in the area. 

However, many Mexicans were not happy with the presence of Anglo-American soldiers entering the designated area, and began to protest. The largest of the protests was the Tijuana and Mexicali military occupation protests, which led to a brutal crash between military police and the protesters, resulting in the death of nearly 243 people and another 423 people being injured. 


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