Cantonal map of Lana
Cantonal map of Lana with names
  • Canton of Lanem (Canton di Lanem) Flag of Lanem
    • Capital: Alessi
    • Population: 130,000,000
    • Economy: Tourism, Manufacturing, Banking, Farming, Mining
  • Canton of Gnonac (Canton di Gnonac) Flag of Gnonac
    • Capital: Parine
    • Population: 270,000,000
    • Economy: Farming, Manufacturing, Mining, Food processing, Exportation
  • Canton of Jespane (Canton di Jespane) Flag of Jespane
    • Capital: Barzenola
    • Population: 95,000,000
    • Economy: Ranching, Farming, Mining, Food processing, Manufacturing
  • Canton of Portune (Canton di Portune) Flag of Portune
    • Capital: Lizba
    • Population: 35,000,000
    • Economy: Tourism, Exportation, Banking, Mining, Fishing
  • Canton of Mognac (Canton di Mognac) Flag of Mognac
    • Capital: Carzotta
    • Population: 20,000,000
    • Economy: Tourism, Banking, Gaming, Fishing, Arts


You're the first nation to have a station named after them on the Carona Metro. If you pay close attention to the map, there is one station named after each country, though not all as obvious. HORTON11: Email iconFollow me 06:05, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

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