Tamara Sheffield-Price (b. May 16, 1964) has been the Conservative member of the Georgeland House of Commons since 2000, elected at a by-election to replace John Alexander, who had died. Sheffield-Price was born in New Kikipolis but moved to Doubledance to attend the University of Mainland. She joined the Doubledance Police Department in 1990 but in 1992 resigned to care for her recently born twin boys. In 1997 she began working for the Conservative Party's central office part-time, but remained a stay-at-home mother for much of her pre-political life. At the 2000 by-election to replace Alexander, Sheffield-Price won a greater majority and secured the seat as a mostly safe Tory stronghold.
Sheffield-Price is married to Shawn Bailey, the father of her twin boys Julian and Nigel (b. 1992).

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