Tamura Lobatheld
Tamura Tamura
Born Tamura Lobatheld
14th February 1993
Nationality Wessen
Citizenship Wessex
Occupation Recording Artist, Model
Years active 2009-Present
Notable work Nora Frajeru
Style Kawaii, Decora
Religion Paganism
Tamura Lobatheld (Born February 14th 1993), better known by her stage name Tamura Tamura or just Tamura, is a popular Wessen recording artist and celebrity. Tamura is known for her unusual styles, that bare resemblence to Decora Culture and Kawaii Culture of Japan. Her style has popularised Decore, Kawaisa and Harajuku subcultures in Wessex since her first hit single Nora Frajeru, in 2011, which literally means, 'Ride on a Frog'. Her strange style has earnt her internet fame, with her first video for Nora Frajeru reaching over 50,000,000 views and becoming a viral hit worldwide, and peaked at number 1 in Wessex and the number 4 in the United Kingdom. Tamura has been credited as being one of the most successful Wessen musicians in the 2010's. 



Public Image

Tamura Tamura has been noted in the media for her colourful and strange fashion sense. She has cited that Japanese Kawaisa and Decore culture had inspired her style. She is notable for wearing weird and wonderful outfits for events, television appearances and in her music videos. 

Tamura Tamura mostly sings in Wessen, however many of her song titles are in English despite there being no use of the English language in the song. 

Musical Style and Videos

Tamura Tamura's music style has been under much confusion, with links to Technopop and general Pop, however it shows a starking resemblence to J-Pop however does not originate from Japan and can not be categorised as such. Tamura has been compared to Japanese J-pop artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Tamura's music videos often encompass various subcultures, frequently showing influences from Kawaii and Decora cultures, however she has stated that she likes to involve 'grotesque' things to balance out the cuteness. 


Hallo Hallo (2011)

  • Track 1 - Hallo Hallo (Hello Hello) Hжllx Hжllx
  • Track 1 - Nora Frajeru (Ride on a Frog) Иxʀж Fʀжʎᴍʀn
  • Track 2 - Magiku (Magical) Wжgıλn
  • Track 4 - Sweetie 
  • Track 5 - 
  • Track 6 - 
  • Track 7 - Frejoby (Goodbye) Fʀᴍʎxвʎ

Gliwa (2012)

  • Track 1 - Gliwa (Glee) Glıƿж
  • Track 2 - Trinkna (Drinker) Tʀıиλиж
  • Track 3 - Anhorn Sowilodun (Unicorn Sunset) Жинxʀи Zxƿılxdnи
  • Track 4 - 
  • Track 5 - 
  • Track 6 -