—  Capital City  —
Central Taqmery
Established 1459
Named for River Taq
City Seat Guvenliq
 • Type Municipal Goverment
 • Body Yeqty Al-Taqmery (Authority of Taqmery)
Population 4,583,987
Taqmery is the capital city of Qyrgonteppistan, adapted from 'Town of Taq' in Qyrgon Language. Located on the northern coast of the Island, in the Taqsim Bay, the city is relatively small compared the country's largest city, Qyrgontasma. Tamqery was founded in 1459, and orginiallly served as the capital of Ottoman Qyrgonteppa, until its demise. When Qyrgonteppa gained independence, as the Kingdom of Qyrgonteppa, Taqmery, served as the capital, until its overthrow in 1961, when the Declaration of the Republic, and the new Constitution of Qyrgonteppistan outlined that Taqmery, would be the constitutional capital of the nation. 

Taqmery is located within the Taqmery District Special Administrative Zone, and operates differently to the five provinces of Qyrgonteppistan. The District is directly represented within the Grand Qyrgon Assembly in the city by five representatives that are elected every 2 years by the people of the district. 

Taqmery holds the first metro transit system built in Qyrgonteppistan, completed in 1996, the metro is known for its ornate station architecture keeping in style with the Ottoman Architecture of the city. Today Taqmery is best known for its Ottoman Architecture, and its political importance within Qyrgonteppistan, with an estimated population of over 4 million in 2013. 

Geography and Climate


Central Taqmery is located just inland from the Northern Coast, the Taqsim Bay. Taqmery sits just downriver from the mouth of Taq River, from where the Taqsim Bay gains its name. The city is located on an active tectonic area, and several small to medium earthquakes and tremors have been recorded in recent years, however no devastating earthquakes have hit the city for hundreds of years, leading many to believe that a large devastating earthqauke may occur in the next hundred years. 


Taqmery has long, hot and dry summers lasting from May to late September, with the Mediterranian Climate dictating its weather patterns. While the Winters can be relatively cold, while snow is a very rare occurance, however frost is a regular occurance during the short winters. Most of the cities rainfall comes in the Spring, and the river Taq can often be very low during the Summer months. 



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