Grand Duchy of Selonia
Sēlijas Lielhercogiste
Capital Skrinda
Official languages Selonian
Ethnic groups (2012) 81.11% — Selonians;
7.52% — Swedes;
3.27% — Jews;
2.38% — Germans;
2.03% — Livonians;
3.71% — Others
Demonym Selonians
• Monarch (list)
Silvija I
Krists Robežnieks
Baiba Beka
Independence from the Kingdom of Sweden
• Duchy established
3 October, 1678
• Independence declared
May 4, 1713
• Constitution
November 11, 1716
• Recognized
July 23, 1719
37,860 km2 (14,620 sq mi) (137th)
• 2014 estimate
1 004 775 (160th)
• 2012 census
1 003 051
• Density
26.54/km2 (68.7/sq mi) (188th)
GDP (PPP) 2013 estimate
• Total
$53.510 Billion (101st)
• Per capita
$53,256 (10th)
Gini (2013) 27.6
low · 10th
HDI (2013) 0.910
very high · 7th
Currency Selonian Kroon (HSK)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Date format YYYY-DD-MM
Drives on the right
Calling code +45
Internet TLD .hs

Selonia, officially the Grand Duchy of Selonia, is a sovereign state occupying the Selonian peninsula and the surrounding isles and islets as well as the littoral of the Albert's Sea. It shares a border with Sweden as well as a maritime border with Finland, Estonia and Latvia. The capital and largest city is Skrinda. As of January 1, 2014 Selonia has 1,004,775 inhabitants and a territory of 37 860 km2 (14,618 sq mi).



The Selonian peninsula can be found to the east of Sweden in the Baltic Sea. The peninsula is approximately 180 km wide and 360 km long. It lies between latitudes 56° and 59° N, and longitudes 16° and 20° E.

The country has a border with Sweden exclusively as well as maritime borders with all the other countries on the Baltic sea but Germany (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland and Denmark).

At 37,860 km2 and a population of barely over a million Selonia is among the smallest countries of the world. Much of its territory is made up of protected areas, such as national parks, provincial parks, and reserves. The country is considered a strong performer in environmental protection efforts.

Administrative divisions

Selonia consists of 10 provinces which closely correspond to the cultural regions of Selonia:

  • Bandava;
  • Duvzare;
  • Elšpūtis;
  • Gerzike — One of the southwesternmost regions of Selonia is completely of another kind. Unlike the rest of Selonia which is predominantly Lutheran, Gerzike nourishes a plenty of various religions. Among others these include the original Roman Catholic settlers of Selonia, Judaist merchants and Russian Old Believer refugees. This as well as many other factors have contributed to modern Gerzican culture which is best known for their pottery arts. Gerzicans are famed for their hospitality and sincerity. It is the location of Aglonas basilica which is the main centre of pilgrimages in Selonia;
  • Lībiešu krasts — Livonian Coast (Selonian: "Lībiešu krasts") is the northernmost province of Selonia. Its culture is characterised by the presence of the small Livonian nation that makes up merely 2 per cent of the total population;
  • Pieskrinda;
  • Raiskums;
  • Skrinda;
  • Šampēteris;
  • Zoroksara.




The country has three major airports at Vateata, Saint Peter Port and Strand which serve many European and intercontinental routes with scheduled and chartered flights. As of 2013 these airports serve over 6 million passengers. Aeron is the national flag carrier of Tara. At over 40 million annual passengers it is one of the European largest airlines.

All railway services in the country are provided by Bānis. In 1991 the first high-speed railway line was built connecting Skrinda with Jūrmala. In 2004 high-speed rail network was expanded to the city to Jēkabpils through Alsunga. Work has begun to further expand the high-speed railway network to the city of Liepāja. This project is expected to be finished in the third quarter of 2017.



The capital and largest city of Selonia is Skrinda. Approximately 85.7% of the population lives in cities (incorporated communities). In total there are 24 cities in Selonia. All of them in decreasing order of population are listed below:

Rank Name County Pop. Rank Name County Pop.
1 Skrinda Skrinda 479,506 13 Saldus Elšpūtis 7,311
2 Jūrmala Duvzare 114,025 14 Ikšķile Pieskrinda 6,830
3 Liepāja Bandava 73,481 15 Lielvārde Pieskrinda 5,483
4 Jēkabpils Lībiešu krasts 39,960 16 Sigulda Šampēteris 3,737
5 Tukums Zoroksara 23,576 17 Zasa Zoroksara 3,410
6 Salaspils Pieskrinda 21,553 18 Ādaži Duvzare 3,052
7 Rēzekne Gerzike 17,364 19 Alsunga Duvzare 2,687
8 Kuldīga Raiskums 15,902 20 Sabile Raiskums 1,574
9 Koknese Pieskrinda 12,094 21 Cēsis Raiskums 1,246
10 Olaine Gerzike 9,368 22 Tūja Bandava 1,073
11 Grobiņa Bandava 8,716 23 Valka Elšpūtis 835
12 Saulkrasti Raiskums 7,495 24 Durbe Raiskums 814


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