His Royal Majesty Tavares the First of Palmares
Sovereign of Palmares
Reign 2009 - Present
Born March 3, 1980
Manaus, Palmares
Spouse  None
Issue  None
Full name
Tavares de Lurdes 
House  Royal Family of Palmares
Religion Atheist

Early Life

Tavares I was born as Tavares de Lurdes in the city of Manaus, Brazil, on March 3rd, 1980, the son of a moderately successful banker. He was the oldest of three siblings. His early life was unremarkable. However, three days after his eighth birthday, his dog was struck and killed by a lumber truck near his home. This engendered a life-long passion for animal rights, which also led him to stop eating meat at the age of nine. Already demonstrating pronounced environmentalist tendencies, he often argued with his teachers about the wisdom of Brazil's present system of environmental protection. At the age of twelve, he filled the gas tanks of several trucks carrying frozen meat with sugar, causing an explosion which resulted in an eight-car accident outside of Manaus. He was arrested and charged with manslaughter, but acquitted after his parents' attorney argued he didn't understand the consequences of his actions. A great admirer of animal rights activists and historical figures such as Francis of Assisi and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, he developed an ambition of forming his own political party which would put Brazil on the "right path". 

Politics and Law

After completing high school, Tavares secured a degree in law at the University of Manaus. He then went on to attempt the formation of his own political party, which he named the Deep Ecological Party of Brazil. However, he found very little support for the party, getting only 3,000 votes in the 1995 election. The party was shut down soon afterwards. He proceeded to repeatedly sue the Brazilian government on behalf of various dissident groups, winning eight cases which brought in close to 30 million reals, making himself quite wealthy in the process. However, his failure to achieve his longtimegoals began to make him discontented. This was brought to a head by the Hurian Invasion of Brazil. He served in the Brazilian Army as a captain, fighting in the Amazon Campaign and surviving several gas attacks, one of which left him badly scarred. This came to an end, however, when his family was killed by an Everetti bomb aimed at Hurian troops. 


He quit the Brazilian Amry and joined the developing Palmarista independence movement, where he was promoted to colonel. He distinguished himself in both during and after the independence of the country, also fighting against protestors in the 2008 Manaus riots, where he ordered his troops to machine-gun attacking rioters. His troops eliminated republican units after the coup, and he was held in high regard by the members of the Council as the country began to settle down. At a victory rally in 2009, where he was leading the parade with his battalion, he was offered the position of King of Palmares. He accepted.