You are free to create a page for Tavat Land, just don't do something that effects the whole world, okay? I call the Equitorial Prime Islands and the Prime Meridial Cancer Islands! But that's only because they're going to be in my book. Oh yeah, and there are no nations on Tavat Land. Just a variety of cultures and history. Tavats are a peaceful race... among themselves.


Tavat Land has no real continents, just a variety of archipelagos. Feel free to add one.? They consist of:

  • The Equitorial Prime Islands - located where the equator and prime meridian cross. Overall, about the size of Australia. Temperate climate.
  • The Cancer Prime Meridial Islands - located between the Tavat Tropic of Cancer and the Equitorial Prime Islands, also along the prime meridian. Overall, about the size of... the Southeastern U.S. region, not including Texas or Louisiana. Temperate climate.
  • High North Islands - located essentially in the arctic circle. It would be miniscule, but that's not including the ice. The Tavats up here actually war a little. Overall, including the ice, it's about the size of... the whole of North America. Frosty Netherworld.
  • West Equitorail Archipelago - located west of the Equitorial Prime Islands. Overall, about the size of Mongolia. Temperate climate.
  • Far South Islands - located near the antarctic circle. It would be about the size of Alabama, but including the ice, it's about the size of the entire U.S. Harsh Tundra climate.
  • Cancer Islands - wrap around the south "tropics". About the size of Brazil and Argentina.

What Else to Know

Well, the "tropics"... they're the temperate-tempurature zones. As I stated before, no nations You can have groups, though. Tavats, full grown, are about 4 feet tall. They fly, also. They call their planet Tavat Land. They wear garments that go from their neck to their feet, which isn't hard considering they're four feet. Also, their legs are about 1/4 th of their body height. A Tavat year is exactl 3.555428876995 Earth years. Tavats reach adulthood at about age 16. In the "tropic" areas, they live to be about 59. It's much shorter in the colder areas.


Equitorial Tavat Land? ( the Prime Meridal ones)

Cancer Tavats - Prime Meridial

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