Tazen of Ixania
Tazen xi Xivon (Vaka script)
Tazen xi Xivon
Coat of Arms of Ixania
Xevan Xo'Varshaioko
since 1973 ANC
Style His Imperial Majesty
Heir apparent Cena Xo'Xevanioko
First monarch Xona Xo'Aexoioko
Formation 10,500 BNC
Residence Obisidian Palace, Xanza, Xavai
The Tazen of Ixania is the absolute monarch of the Honorable Union of Ixania, and monarch of its former territories which collectively make up the Xivonioki Imperium. The title is unisex, meaning that both a man or a woman can hold the title, it will still remain the same. As the all-powerful ruler of an advanced nation, the Tazen is counted as one of the most powerful leaders in the world. The Tazen presides over the twenty-eight Xaruks of Ixania, the paramount princes and princesses of Ixania who one of Ixania's twenty-eight xarukdoms. The Tazen is the xaruk of his or her homeland within Ixania. Currently, Tazen Xevan Xo'Varshaioko is the Xaruk of Ixara.

Within the circle of Ixanian nobility, the Tazen is the foremost xaruk of the Imperium, often gaining the position through inheritance, though votes of no confidence, duels, or outright murder are also legitimate means of which to gain the office. The Tazen sits upon the Obsidian Throne, the symbolic icon of power within the Ixanian culture and politics, and holding the title means for one to hold the position of the most powerful ruler on Elysia; holding sway over the lives of some nearly 670 million fanatical subjects, and the most advanced military on the face of the planet. Often, the Tazen is an arbitrator of peace and an invoker of war, with few political enemies within his or her court to challenge their decisions.

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