Type Private Company
Founded October 14, 1959
Founder(s) Vlasii Isyanov
Headquarters Big Box, Grand Exchange, League of Ruling Companies
Area served Europe & Asia
Key people Natalya Isyanov (CEO)
Industry Munitions
Products Missile technology
Revenue Classified
Employees 710,000
Technocrat is a Ukrainian-based corporation founded by Vlasii Isyanov in 1959, and joined ther the League of Ruling Companies in 1960, following the League's invasion and annexaton of Ukraine after the Soviet Union attempted to put an end to League activities there. The company is now headed by his grand-daughter Natalya Isyanov, and the company is famous for it rocket technology, which has been the companies main export. Technocrat is considered a senior member, having joined four years after the League's inception. Like the rest of the companies in the League, Technocrat has headquarters at Big Box in Grand Exchange.