Not all civilization in Aerosea evolve at the same pace and level, here is the break down of achievement and notable technologies of each civilization.

By default the lowest technology in Aerosea is the technology used in Earth 2000 A.D. Panaysia still in this step of Technological level.

CivilizationTech LevelBioengineeringInformation TechnologyPsychologyStructural EngineeringPhysics
TyskarriVery HighArtificial Bionic ImplantsGlobal Knowledge Comunication, Advanced Artificial Inteligence, Inteligence EnhancementMegastrutcutre Engineering, Advanced Material SynthetificationAdvanced Fusion Technology
RabhayaHigh Artificial Bionic ImplantsHighsepeed Communication, Quantum Computing, Advanced Encyrption and CompressionAdvanced Productivity System, Rudimentary Nanotechnology
SetsäärriMedium HighGenetic Engineering, Tissue engineeringBiocomputingPsionic Enhancement, Rudimentary Neuro cyberneticsBiospehere Manipulation
IsmathMediumAdvanced Audiovisual TechnologyAdvanced Aeronautic
Chaeng KheumMedium LowNeuroprostheticsSoftware EngineeringAutomated translation
SapatjeszMedium LowMobile Structure, Micro Factory, Lean production system, High Speed Construction, High Capacity Transportation
QatlamaisaLow Advanced Mining
PanaysiaLow Extensive Knowledge Base in Native Wildlife, Advanced Agricultural Engineering, Minimal Polution Technology.Traditional Arcology

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