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Technological Stasis

Each continent of the world of Faera has its own reasons why technological (in particular magical) advancement had been suppressed (several of which are human caused):

  • Ethaya has its six guilds, who use guild secrets to paralyze inventiveness (a mercantile reason)
  • Origina has the religion of the luminarium, which is at odds with the workings of the world and thus works to suppress science (since it would reveal the religion to be a hoax) and thus paralyzing discoveries (a religious reason)
  • Detariya has the manasappers, whose ubiquity makes it impossible to work magic; the manasappers are an invasive species brought over from an isolated island, but the island has its natural predators (a natural reason)
  • Tyria has an empire that only allows use of magic to be restricted to the royal family and appointed bureaucrats, and secret to everyone else. The royal family does magical research but a handful of people can’t make meaningful technological progress that way (a governmental reason)
  • Aeta is too cold for any faera to grow or even for people to live (a climate reason)
  • Indigence and subsistence farming that couldn't allow for time to invent/discover anything; due to being removed from the rest of the globe's predominant trade networks (an poverty reason)
  • Being located in a desert with constantly shifting sand dunes making it impossible to settle and procure raw material for tools, a place with too little faera diversity to allow for versatile spellmaking (a locational reason)
  • Being a nomadic peoples in the wastelands where there's no arable land, so they cannot settle down and build a proper civilization that could use tools (a migratory reason)
  • Strong respect for tradition and doing exactly what one's ancestors had always done, and ostracism of those who would question that or try anything different (a traditional reason)
  • Confederation: A group of island-nations each jealous of any technological progress made by any other, they have historically teamed up to wipe out any among them that would advance scientifically (a political reason)
  • Isolationist: An island that has cut off all contact with outside nations and kills any foreigners as a matter of course, their technology is inferior as a result (a xenophobic reason)

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