Country Code: +399
International Call Prefix: 00
Trunk Prefix: 0

In Lecrotia, the telephone numbers use ten-digit local phone numbers (+399 0591 xxxxxx). Public utility services use five phone numbers.

List of area codes

In the telephone numbering plan, all geographical numbers have ten digits.

Region Area code Number
Castelmagno & Metropolitan Area 0591 1 0591 1xxxxx
District of Castelmagno 0591 2 0591 2xxxxx
District of Costa Zaffira 0591 3 0591 3xxxxx
District of Ghlainn 0591 4 0591 4xxxxx
District of Torreforte 0591 5 0591 5xxxxx
District of Salania 0591 6 0591 6xxxxx

Special numbers

Special numbers are preceded by +399.

 001           Police  
 002           Fire services
 003           Medical services
 004           Civil defense
 005           Highway Service
 006           Tourist Informations

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