Southern Cross Republic telephone numbers
Country Southern Cross Republic
Continent South America
Regulator ATCS
Type open
NSN length 7 digits (landlines)
8 digits (mobiles)
Access codes
Country code +55 29
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix none
In the Southern Cross Republic the telephone numbers use seven-digit local phone numbers, without area code. Public utility services use three phone numbers.

Their current telephone numbering plan was implemented in January 2010 by ATCS and it increased all geographic numbers to seven digits.

List of older area codes in the Southern Cross Republic and new geographical numbers

In the new telephone numbering plan, all geographical numbers have seven digits. The change added the area code to the local number:

Region Older area code Older number Current number
Santana & Metropolitan Area 1
xxx xxx 1xx xxxx
2xx xxxx
New Lusitania 3
xxx xxx 3xx xxxx
4xx xxxx
Costa Verde 5 xxx xxx 5xx xxxx
Rio Belo 6 xxx xxx 6xx xxxx
West Valley 7 xxx xxx 7xx xxxx
Bocanegra 8 xxx xxx 8xx xxxx
Southern Algarve 9 xxx xxx 9xx xxxx

Mobile phone numbers

Prefix Number Operator
None 1xxx xxxx CSTel
2xxx xxxx
3xxx xxxx
4xxx xxxx Vivo (Telefónica)
5xxx xxxx
6xxx xxxx Oi
7xxx xxxx Embratel
8xxx xxxx Claro
9xxx xxxx TIM

Example call

 When calling the South Crossic landline number 234 5678:
 *From inside SCR:       234 5678
 *From other countries: +55 29 234 5678
 When calling the South Crossic mobile number 2345 6789:
 *From inside SCR:       2345 6789
 *From other countries: +55 29 2345 6789

Special numbers

 150           Police  
 151           Fire and medical services
 152           Civil defense