Political Terminology

  • The Official Name of the country is the United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall. However it is often called Wessex and Cornwall for shorter official terms. It is not to be confused with the United Kingdom.
  • The term, West Country, is commonly used to refer to the country as a whole, collectively referring to Wessex, Cornwall, Mercia and Sussex. The term is widely used by the country's populace in unofficial terms. 
  • Wessex and Cornwall consists of two countries and two provinces, Wessex, Cornwall, Sussex and Mercia. The official term for each of these collectively is the The West Nations, referring to the term, West Country. 
  • Albion is also occasionally used to refer to the country, of which was one of the names considered for the country. 

Geographic Terminology

  • Wessex and Cornwall is located on the island of Great Britain in the British Isles. It is not to be confused with the United Kingdom, which is often called Britain. 


  • If something or someone is from the country, without any particular location, it is known as Wessex and Cornish. 
  • Most commonly, people are referred to by their national identity, e.g, someone from Cornwall is Cornish. These identities are;
    • Cornish (Cornwall)
    • Mercian (Mercia)
    • Sussic (Sussex)
    • Wessen (Wessex)

Alternative Names

The following is a list of alternative names for Wessex and Cornwall;

  • Albion 
  • Saxony (referring to the former Anglo-Saxon part of the country, Wessex, Sussex and Mercia, excluding Celtic Cornwall)

The following is a list of alternative demonyms for Wessex and Cornish people:

  • Celts (Cornwall)
  • Saxon 
  • Sussexer (Sussex)

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